Le Tang


Le Tang is a registered architect and LEED accredit professional, he holds professional licenses in California, Pennsylvania and New York. Le had gained experience in varies architecture offices around the world, including Atelier Jean Nouvel in Paris, EM architecture in Philadelphia and SOM in Chicago and San Francisco. 

He had worked on a board range of projects including large scale master plan, multi-block mix use development, high-rise office towers, university education teaching center to small scale lobby renovation. Before starting Isoarchitecture, Le was the leading project architect for Monterey Conference Center in SOM's San Francisco office, a 48 million 30,000sf renovation project that transforms a 1960 conference center to modern exhibition space at downtown Monterey, CA.

Le holds a Master of Architecture degree from University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Zhejiang University with national first grade honor.He is one of the eight finalists in 2013 SOM fellowship in the US.

Le believes good architecture have its attitude, it should be a vessel for peoples’ emotion and memory. He is striking for it through each of his project.


美国建筑师协会会员,纽约和加州注册建筑师,美国绿色建筑协会LEED AP认证

毕业于美国宾夕法尼亚大学,获建筑学硕士学位。曾先后任职于美国SOM建筑事务所,法国让·努维尔事务所(Ateliers Jean Nouvel)和美国PAGE建筑设计事务所。

唐乐在长时间的国际化建筑实践中累积了全方位的建筑设计与项目管理经验,曾参与负责了加州蒙特利尔会议中心, 加州大学洛杉矶分校医学院Geffen综合教学楼, 中国合肥联想新城综合开发, 南京鱼嘴新城开发和墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉市柯达园区改造等项目。在建筑设计,景观设计,规划旅游开发等方向均有着深厚的经验和独到的理解。