Alexander Dixon

Alexander Dixon is a founding partner and design lead of ISO Ideas, Inc. Alex has a Master of Architecture from MIT and a Bachelor of Philosophy with Honors and Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh. His role includes making sure the team is advancing the company's vision and crafting innovative strategies in response to client's briefs. He is interested in developing forward-thinking ideas for architecture, the building industry and the urban environment.

Before founding ISO Ideas, Alex worked at Safdie Architects, Joseph Wong Design Associates in China, Sitbon Architectes in Paris and Kennedy & Violich Architecture in Boston. Major projects included: Hyatt Regency Shanghai, China (completed), Housing Development Masterplan, Nanjing, China, Eco Data Center, Raufarhöfn, Iceland, Intercoastal Museum and Visitor Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, Office/Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, Affordable Housing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

亚历山大 迪克逊


在成立艾索创意之前, 亚历山大曾在美国摩西·萨夫迪(Moshe Safdie)事务所, 上海骏地设计事务所Joseph Wang Design Associates (JWDA), 巴黎Sitbon建筑事务所, 美国 Kennedy & Violich Architecture (KVA) 担任设计管理工作。主要负责项目包括: 崇明金茂凯悦酒店, 南京别墅群规划及别墅设计(麻省理工及东南大学合作项目), 冰岛环境数据中心, 美国新奥尔良湿地博物馆及游览中心, 美国波士顿精品酒店办公楼设计, 沙特阿拉伯住宅规划和建筑设计。